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Pioneering New Standards of Guaranteeing Electoral Credibility

We are Experts in Electoral Management

We specialize in electoral integrity
We are thought leaders and standard bearers in the elections field
We have a solid track record

Advisory Services

Legal Framework, Regulations, Legal and Constitutional Compliance, Planning, Project Management, Credible Election Results, etc.

Technical Solutions
Electoral Supplies

We design and deploy technical solutions for elections. Examples: Electronic Voter Registration, Electronic Voting, SMS Voting, Voter Authentication, Biometrics, etc.

We customize and supply Ballot Papers, Balloting Booths, Pens, Pencils, Indelible Ink, Temper-evident Bags and Seals, Lanyards, etc.

Come and Visit Us

We are available at short notice to listen and provide guidance

We offer the latest solutions and a reliable team for you upcoming Corporate, Governmental, Education or traditional council elections 

Our main clients are governments generally and Electoral Management Bodies in particular. Multinationals engage our services as consultants. Foundations and other NPO’s also enlist our services as observers of elections. Because of our many years of experience in South Africa and throughout the African continent, we have acquired a wide range of skills and capabilities and an appetite for medium to large complex projects. We are battle-field-tested

Always there
for you

Our team can be deployed at relatively short notice anywhere in South Africa and the rest of the African continent. We are used to working under near-impossible timeframes. 

Value for

We have, over the years found more efficient ways of executing our projects. We will save you money, unnecessary litigation and sleepless nights and still deliver better results.

Professional and Highly Experienced

We have distinguished ourselves in the business of delivering sound electoral systems to buttress good governance.

We work and collaborate only with the best

From our Johannesburg base we associate and co-operate with companies in Hong Kong, Germany, Holland, Australia, Brazil, the USA and Africa in addition to the local partners with whom we have had long-standing relationships

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