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Red Fabric Waves

Our Services

We operate in the good governance and democracy rule spaces as business activists, senior consultants and entrepreneurs

What are your needs?
Expert Electoral Advice and Consulting Services
  • Organization Building

  • Review of electoral laws and regulations

  • Electoral Planning

  • Pre- and post-election audits​

  • Voter Education Campaigns

  • General Advisory Support

Project Management Services
  • Project Conceptualization

  • Project Planning

  • Project Implementation within budget and timeframes

  • Project Monitoring and Evaluation

Custom-designed Electronic Solutions for Elections
  • Districting and Mapping

  • Voter Data Collection Solutions

  • Voter Registration Systems

  • Electoral Staff Training Systems

  • Logistics Management Systems

  • Ballot Design Systems

  • Election Results Management System

Electoral Stationery and Supplies
  • Temper Evident Bags and Seals

  • Ballot Papers

  • Ballot Booths and Boxes

  • Solar Lamps

  • Indelible Ink

  • Electoral Furniture

Reliable Electoral Infrastructure
  • Satellite Connectivity in rural and urban areas

  • Mobile and Voip Telephony

  • Computer Hardware

  • Remote Data Backup Facilities

  • Results Center Layout and Construction

Biometric Identification Solutions for Elections
  • Fingerprint Capturing

  • Automated Fingerprint ID System

  • Facial Recognition

  • Fingerprint Matching

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